So my friend takes her computer to geek squad to get it fixed but its still doesn't work?

So their computer wasn't working and they took it in to geek squad and they gave it back two and a half weeks later. Then it got the blue screen of death so they took it back and four days later they gave it back. Then that same day it got the blue screen of death and it kept freezing so they took it back to get it cleaned and fixed. So my friend got it back last night and she says the screen keeps getting blurred and it got the blue screen of death but then it went away. Is there something wrong with their computer? or is it Geek squad ? anyways thanks

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    9 years ago
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    Repeat after me: Never use Geek Squad unless you have no other choice.

    The techs there are incompetent for the most part. Do yourself a favour and google reviews of Geek Squad and you'll see they don't have a good success rate. Most of them are under trained and are supposed to push the service plans which usually involve them running some anti-malware apps and installing updates.

    Having said that, there's really no way to tell who or what is at fault here. What your friend needs to do, assuming they haven't done it already, is save what they can from the PC and then re-install the OS. This will at least tell you if it's a hardware or software problem.

    If after the re-install everything works, then it was a software issue. Go ahead and re-install the apps you had and see if one of them causes the issue. If not then you seem to be okay.

    If however after the re-install you still get the BSOD then it's a hardware issue which makes things more difficult. Take it into a professional and have them test it out. Ask your friends and family if they know somebody that can do it. Check at work if one of the IT guys will look at it for a small fee or maybe buy him lunch one day. See what other options you have other than going to Geek Squad.

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    9 years ago

    Screen keeps getting blurred? Honestly screw Best Buy, Staples, Geek Squad customer service. They are horrible. If she's getting blue screen is it possible to take a quick pic of the error code? Maybe write it down? If you Google that error someone probably has the same issue. It's probably most likely bad/dead ram, faulty graphics card, something along those lines. If she wants she can take it to a small shop and they will probably do a 100 time better job.

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    9 years ago

    GeekSquad HQ here. Sorry to hear about your friends experience!

    Depending on what the BSOD is, they can be cause by just about anything in, on, or connected to your computer.

    At Geek Squad we guarantee all of our repairs, 100%, and warranty them for a minimum 30 days, in some cases up to 90, from the day you received it back from us.

    I'd like to work with your friend in ensuring their computer is properly repaired, and ensure we resolve the BSOD.

    Can you or your friend email complete details of your experience to info (at) GeekSquad (dot) com?

    I'd like to ensure we get this taken care of for you.

    Thanks in advance!

    -Agent Patrick

    Geek Squad World Headquarters

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