What is the "wireless detail" of the AT&T bill?

I recently got onto a family plan with iPhones from AT&T. I chose the lowest data plan, 200 MB of data. The first day I got the phone, while I was still in the AT&T store setting it up, I turned off my Cellular data option, so that I would have to specifically turn it back on to use data. I am connected at all times to the WiFI network at my college and have not turned my data on at any point so far. However, my most recent bill, under wireless detail, says that I have used 47 MB and the charge is $115. Where did this charge come from/what is it? I do have apps like Facebook and Yahoo mail that I check frequently throughout the day, but I have only ever used those apps on WiFi -- my data has been turned off since the day I got my phone.

Can anyone tell me what this charge is? Are my apps using data even if the data is turned off and I am always connected to WiFi?

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  • 9 years ago
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    check the updates of phone is in on or off condition

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