My parents are mad at me because I hung out with a guy friend?

First off, I'll be 17 in 3 months. I've never done anything bad in my life. My life consists of staying at home all day doing homework (im in IB, top 10), helping my mom out, and babysitting my little sister. I go out with my friends like once every 3 months.

That being said, I have this friend who I've been talking to since August. Me and him have gotten really close and he asked me to hang out yesterday. I told my parents 2 weeks in advance and they said "you can hang out with him as long as we meet him." So yesterday, an hour before he was gonna pick me up, my parents told me i couldn't go, how only bad girls hang out with guy friends, how im not allowed to hang out with anybody that isnt my 3 best friends, how i cannot even have a guy friends until im 18. my guy friend was already on his way so i told them "well, he's already on his way with his dad and they both want to meet you". my mom said she refused to meet anybody and my dad said he didnt want to meet them either. but then my guy friend rang the doorbell, nicely introduced himself to my dad and even asked where my mom was so he could meet her too. then, my dad went to talk to his dad how he didnt want me to go, but he eventually let me go. we had a nice time, and when i got home, my brother told me that my parents had been trashtalking about me the whole day. My mom called up all her friends and family telling them that im a rebel and that i went off with a guy to probably have sex, she isnt gonna let me use her car anymore to practice for my license, they arent giving me anything for christimas, they arent gonna give me a graduation party, how im a disgrace to the whole family, how im a rebel, im probably gonna get pregnant and drop out, how im the worst daughter ever, etc.

i woke up this morning and my mom and dad are completety ignoring me.

wth? Am i in the wrong? Is this my fault? Because im sure i didn't do anything wrong. And my guy friend is super nice. How many guys actually take the initiative to meet the parents?? Not many. And now my parents hate me. What should i do ? Oh, and when I went to the mall, I also brought my mom and dad some presents. And my mom just threw the earrings I got her across the room and slammed her bedroom door in my face. My guy friend also wants to come over for dinner so he can get to know my parents more. He is a catch!! Why can't my parents understand? I tried talking to my mom about it in a mature and reasonable way but she keeps disregarding everything I say. She says im the baddest daughter ever and that my friends are gonna leave me cause im a “bad influence”. She is seriously convinced I am the worst daughter in the world and I have no idea how to change her mind because she ignores everything I tell her.

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  • 9 years ago
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    First of all: Wow,

    Second of all: if you told them in advance, and they said yes, then tell them.

    Third, if they trash talk you there most likely really bad parents and they were rude to your friend.

    Fourth, try talking to your mom's family and friends (without her knowing) to see what they think about and tell them the truth about what happened. maybe they can help your mom.

    Which side is your brother on?

    I feel really bad for you.

    I'm not sure these would be the best way to handle it as it could be unpredictable outcomes so i wish you best of luck. May God be with you :)

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    9 years ago

    first off, dont blame your parents for anything because they are just trying to make sure you succeed for in life and will be ok in the future. So they dont want you hanging about with boys etc because they think it will hinder you in school even though you are doing well. So look at it from their point of view and understand the pressure they are put through and hopefully, you will understand. Though i will admit some of the things they said was over the top but hey!

    Now for you, this is your chance to prove to them that you are old enough to hang around with boys and not do anything stupid. That they can still trust you and not be wrong. So just let it be. I know for sure its hard now but in all good time it will be worth it. So bare with it!

  • 9 years ago

    Okay, your parents set ground rules, you have to respect that and let him know that. Until you're 18 you won't really have any autonomy (sucks I know) but respect their rules and when you're 18 they'll be a bit more receptive. "Repent" of your mistake and let them know you know they're looking out for you and that you made a mistake.

    Additionally, if this guy is a catch he'll wait a year for you, then go to Homecoming and/or Prom with him(if you really want to hang out with him, this is the perfect loophole without having your parents really interfere), and show your girl friends how decent and nice he is.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    in any american country,canada, U.S.A, mexico, and the such, the LAW states that you only need to follow ur parent's rules when ur under their roof, therefore, when ur out and about, ur moms rules are declared null and void, so go ahead and hang out with ur friends, if u want a boyfriend/ girlfriend, ur parents cant stop u there either. the only thing they can force you to do is live under their roof, but once ur 16, groundings are also void, because you have reached an age of independance, but not majority. if u want friends, so be it. if ur mom doesnt let u see them, u can still see them, but not in her house, maybe downtown or somewhere. hope this helps.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'd be sofa king pissed at my parents if that would happen to me.... telk to your dad & if he does the same thing that your mom did, then talk to them more and more asurtively ...

  • 9 years ago

    Just say "I dont like him that way and he doesnt like me at all. HE'S GAY, FOR YOUR INFORMATION!"

    But seriously, you're parents need to chill the hell out. They sound like over-controlling bastards. (no offense)

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