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Is it ok if your cousin is your "snuggle buddy"?

So my whole extended family went to our cabin that my family bought me and my 4 other cousins would every night go outside on one of our poarches and look at the stars well one night i brought out my blanket bcuz i was cold bcuz we were in wyoming and mountains surrounded us so my cousin nick and i sharred the bench and we sharred the blanket to and i layed my head on his shoulder and he told me he was my new snuggle buddy what does that mean? HELP!!

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    It sounds like you are his new *snuggle buddy*. In some families, it goes without saying that there are no sexual overtones to this term but you have your concern so maybe you know intuitively that in YOUR family, you need to set firm boundaries.

    If you really are concerned, make sure you stay around as many family members as possible. Lot's of eyes tend to suppress any unwanted attention.

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    It means he was joking around because you were sharing a blanket, and you put your head on his shoulder. If you're worried that it means anything else, then next time keep your head off his shoulder, and tell him he needs to go in and get his own blanket.

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    It was probably just a joke but as long as you guys dont take it as a relationship, then i would do the same. But if you are both boys, then, ur gay. lol

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    dont freak out plz... i would be happy i had a snuggle buddy as my cuzin! heheheheheh okay go wif it dont freak out be happy and if he trys to make a move on you then freak out. dont look into it.

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