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What kind of cookies are rolled (small- almost like a crescent roll) with cream on the inside?

My next door neighbor used to make these awesome cookies when I was little. If I remember correctly they were rolled with some kind of cream on the inside and nuts on them. They looked much like a crescent roll. I'm dying to find the recipe because I remember loving them. Anyone have any suggestions?


I remember the recipe being complicated. I thought they might have been nut horns but those sound too easy...

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    sounds like rugelach, especially if she was Jewish or Eastern European. They typically have fruit or chocolate and nuts in them but the dough is often made with cream cheese. they are a little labor intensive to make but well worth it.

  • 9 years ago

    There's rugelach, which are rolled and then coated in nuts; although, those are usually filled with jam instead of cream.

  • K M T
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    9 years ago

    Sounds like a cream horn.

  • Alyce
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    9 years ago

    Are you thinking of kiffles?

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