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how affectionate are most cats?

i know all cats are diffrent but when i go over to a cat owners house the cats all seem really distant and independent. my cat is almost a year old and isnt like that at all he will climb up on my shoulder and perr for hours hes really sweet and nice. my mom said she has never had a cat that did that.is it just because hes young?when he gets older will he stop? i really hope he doesnt

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    Mine does the same she is always in my face she like leaps at my legs like she is hugging me to pick her up then she paws at my face to kiss my mouth. She is about 5mths. I like her but it gets annoying after a while.

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    Usually cats are only very affectionate to the people closest to them, i.e. the family they live with. My cats have always been very affectionate but it depends a lot on how they were raised and the kind of environment they were exposed to as a young kitten. If they were weaned properly, socialised with many humans and stayed with their mother for at least 8 weeks there is a much higher chance of the cat being happy, affectionate and sociable as an adult. If the cat was treated badly, or has gone through a traumatising experience in its past like being a rescue-cat for whatever reason, there is more of a chance of the cat being distant and independent. If you continue to take good care of your cat there is no reason why he would stop being affectionate towards you. Do bear in mind though that as cats age they do prefer to be left alone for longer periods of time and are not as agile and energetic, so that can make them seem grumpier than they really are.

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    These are the 10 friendliest cat breeds, and some of their characteristics.

    Chantilly/Tiffany -- They are affectionate, loyal, and friendly, although just a little wary around strangers.

    Somali ------ Some Somalies are so affectionate, they will choose human contact over food! As a Somali owner, expect to have your cat beside you at all times.

    Ragdolls ----- They learn their name and come when called, and love to play and give affection. Ragdoll is an ideal house pet.

    Persian ----- Persians are among the most affectionate and loyal of cats. Throughout the years, they have been ranked as one of the most popular cat breeds ever.

    Manx ----- Manx tend to bond strongly with their owners, but may have difficulty with moving to a new home.

    Maine Coon ----- Coon cats are very active and excellent.

    Burmese ----- Tend to form strong bonds with their owners, and are attracted to any kind of human activity. Burmese are very playful, and will even retrieve items for their masters. Many also display kitten-like characteristics well into their adult life.

    Birman -----They are definitely a "people's cat" who bond strongly with their owners. The Birman is another cat who enjoys greeting his owners when they arrive home. They have a curious nature and are one of the most intelligent cats

    Exotics ---- A Persian breed, Exotics have inherited their gentle ways and tame personality from their Persian ancestors.

    Abyssinian ----- . Unlike most other breeds, the Aby is fond of water and can be an excellent swimmer. Some say that the Aby is so intelligent, they train their owners, instead of their owners training them! But you will never find a cat more loyal and affectionate with people.

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    All the cats I have had have been chatty & friendly.

    My remaining old lady wasn't friendly to start with - but she hadn't had a talkative family life to start out with. She has become one of the most conversational & demanding cats I have ever met - but at age 19 she is allowed to get away with SO many things!

    I do think it is all down to how the cats are treated in early life - talk to them and treat them as one of the family from day 1 & they will insist on having a say all the time!

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    Depends on what they were exposed to as kittens, how socialized they are,and how they're treated.

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