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How can I increase my running endurance?

Since winter is coming, i dont want to run in the cold so how can i increase my running endurance without running? Exercise machines? How to increase running speed?

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    The only way is treadmill running and swimming serious laps, if you want to avoid the outdoors.

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    Got this straight from ultra-marathoner and extreme boot camp athlete Coach Ken, creator of the hugely popular Podcast "Running Stupid" -- You actually shouldn't run every day to boost endurance. Any type of cardio will help boost your endurance, especially those types that really work your core muscles and the big muscles of your legs. Crunches and sit-ups work your core muscles, so they'll help some. Jumping rope may help a little, but probably not much. Swimming, bicycling, rowing, Tae Bo, etc., would be better.

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    You could jog in place in your room. Do high knees and butt-kicks.

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