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Ok. So, in California, what are the taxes like? I'm 13 years old so i have absolutely no clue about this and I need to know ASAP for a persuasive speech. So on average, approximately what percentage of income total do people pay on taxes? I'm asking about ON AVERAGE, so please don't say "it depends".

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    there are no averages

    in Calif. you will have 1.2% withheld for SDI, 5.65% for FICA(7.65 in 2012)

    if you do not anticipate earning your standard deduction($5800 for 2011) you would not have any income tax withheld if you filed your W-4 as exempt

  • Bobbie
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    And you do NOT have any averages for this purpose and time in your life about taxes for this purpose.

    When you would have 1 to spend in Ca. on a item the sales and use tax could be as much as .11 cents

    Hope that the above information is useful to you. 12/11/2011

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    Tfhere is no average. Each person fills out a W4 according to their needs. Different percentages for different people.

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