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How much would an apartment cost to live in, in Glasgow?

2 bedroom. kitchen. washer dryer. all that good stuff.

in amercan money.

and how much a month.

trying to get an idea of how much it cost me before i move up there! (:


and any other important stuff would help a lot! (:

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    9 years ago
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    £1000 per month per apartment in West End and city centre.

    £800 per month per flat in West End.

    £550 per month per flat in basement or small rooftop. (colder, less view)

    £450 - £650 per month per flat in the South, Merryhill etc

    East side is not very safe for foreign people, not encouraged but no harm to try.

    UK£1 = US$1.56433

    Most UK landlord do not like to return deposit at the end of the contract. So be aware and get ready to report them to the local council or UK SHELTER.

    A lot of them make 'funny' contract, so be careful. They enjoy make it longer (from 12 months to 15 months for example) so that they can penalize you when you move out earlier than agreed.

    They will charge you little thing (damaged bathroom, door, window, curtain, sofa, microwave) and say you damage it, in order to keep most of your deposit.

    A lot of bad landlords and letting agents here in this 'civilized' and 'highly educated' UK society, which also illegally charge you £200 for administration fee. Be prepared to take your cases to Citizen Advice Bureau and UK SHELTER to report each of your bad experience. This is to make them known to local regulators.

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