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Is this anxiety??????????

Hi, im 23 and got a baby whos 8months. For just over a year ive not felt right, i go red when people talk to me which is getting worse! this can be in shops with people i dont know and do it with boyfriends family aswell. i got a present in january for my birthday off boyfriends mum and when i opened it i went bright red!

Now ive got a baby when im feeding him or changing him i feel like his family are thinking things cos they always stair at me!

I dread any1 coming to the house all the time and dont want anyone to look after the baby either.

I always make excuses up if boyfriend wants me and him to go to his friends house.

I dont see any my friends anymore im so bored in the day but dont want to go to baby groups cos i get so embarresed and paranoid!

I dont know whats up with me i never used to be like this!

Im tired all the time, i also went on the pill about 6months ago, Im always snappy and moody with my boyfriend and say stupid things to him im suprised hes still with me to be honest!

Im always moody and snappy with my boyfriend and i think its because of this! but i cant tell him how i feel! no way

What should i do? :/ xx

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    It sounds like this is affecting you so it is probably a good idea to see your doctor and talk to them about it. It does seem like it could be anxiety but your doctor will be able to treat it and make sure its not something else. good luck!

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    don't know what you should do

    but you don't have anxiety.

    might want to get the face flushing checked out

    could be a skin/blood thing

    Source(s): i have anxiety.
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