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So Theres this guy.. Help please?

I recently just got out of a break up. A day or two ago. A boy i really liked. I dated him before but. he cheated on me , I decided to give him another chance but he blew that one as well. So i was gonna break up with him then i discovered he was 2 timing me again, and then dumped me that following day. I was starting to like someone else thats why i decided to break up with him,Because we never hungout not once never hugged in public cause hes chicken, never kissed just on video call and chated on facebook.... anyways so this guy that i was starting to like is nice and he dosn't make fun of my shortness. LOL. and theres this dance semi formal i want to go with him but to chicken to ask him. and then this other guy hes really nice and a pure cutie i liked him and kinda wanted to go to smei with him but then he got a girlfriend tonight. whatever. anyways advice? on how to ask this duude.

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    I would just ask straight forward and be like "Hey if you're going to the semi formal, do you want to go together/with me?" Or something like that(: (Asks the one who DOESNT have a girlfriend)

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    If I understand you correctly the guy you want to ask out has a girlfriend, does that mean anything to you? Have you ever heard of Carma?

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    Practice with a friend or the mirror and just ask! Good luck girl!

  • Max
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    9 years ago

    be like I know this girl...bethany hughes that reallly freakin likes you

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