What is Jhumpa Lahiri's message throughout Interpreter of Maladies?

What is her main purpose in writing these short stories, what is she trying to prove (or portray) ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Noelle Brada-Williams argues that the Interpreter of Maladies is not just a collection of random short stories that have common components, but that the stories are combined to create a "short story cycle." She argues that Lahiri intentionally connects the themes and motifs throughout them to produce a cumulative effect on the reader. She goes on to argue that Indian American literature is under-represented and Lahiri deliberately tries to give a diverse view of Indian Americans so as not to brand the group as a whole. Brada-Williams also examines the idea of care and neglect in all of the stories. She points out that this reoccurring theme is present in all nine short stories and helps to support the notion that Lahiri intended to create a short story cycle

    it is too much , so , go to the link :) and read the whole thing if you want :D

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