Sonic adventure 2 why won't my chao evolve?

Okay so I have a level 50 fly type chao that I first raised with peackocks but got a bunch of skeleton dogs to erase the features. Then I started rasing her with nothing but purple chaos drives but she won't evolve. What should I do? Keep leveling her up in fly? The beggining of her fly bar is orange, just so ya know.



I play with her and spend a lot of time in the garden.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Is she a baby or has she went through a cocoon already?

    If the chao is a baby, feed her more fruit.

    If she has gone through a cocoon.....well, the second evolution doesn't have a cocoon. It is a gradual process. This is mostly seen around age 3 and seems to be more effective if the chao mated naturally. (Meaning no heart fruits and had its own flower circle)

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