I have a dropped Charge and now the Army wont accept me?

Hey guys, back when I was 17 I was arrested for having an unprescribed seroquel pill in my pocket in school. I just turned 17 so I was classified an adult and got arrested and spent 4 days in holding before I was bailed out. Now the charges were completely dropped and are not even on my record ( Except for Federal Records of course, that never is hidden lol). But anyway, Im 19 now and got a job at GC Services but I really want to enlist into the Army to be a Public Affairs Specialist or something involving media. But after going to the recruiter, no more than 2 minutes passed before they told me I didn't qualify because I was arrested, even if it's not on my record, ( But it would show up at MEPS). I tried the other military branches but they all said the same thing.

Even with a disposition letter from the County Court stating my charges were dropped, they still told me I could'nt qualify. How the HECK do I get in????lol

Im planning on going to UT but I want the military help pay and not make my parents pay. Any ideas on how I get in?

P.S. ONLY THE ARMY! And please don't post any links, my I want an actual person to respond lol.

Thanks in Advance!!

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    9 years ago
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    Find a different recruiter. I have never heard of any branch, much less the Army, disqualifying someone on a dropped charge.

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    You are naive if you think you get to choose what you do in the army.

    I would imagine they figure you have a drug problem and don't want anything to do with druggies. Possibly, after a certain amount of time with no other charges, you could get in. But this was not all that long ago.

    Try going to college in communications or media to increase your chances of getting the job you want in the military.

    And try asking the recruiter what it would take to get in with that record.

    Being dropped doesn't mean you didn't do the crime. Why were they dropped? If you went through a rehab program, they will figure you have a drug problem.

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    Find a different recruiter. He doesn't want to the paper work that he will have to do because you have an arrest. when you do get accepted, make sure that you put the arrest on your SF-86 Security questionnaire for your security clearance investigation!!!

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    Not gonna happen

    The Army just increased the enlistment standards last week.

    No more criminal or moral waivers

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    9 years ago

    What part of DISQUALIFIED is throwing you off?

    And now you know..."dropped" or "expunged" means two things to the military...jack and sh*t


    And Patriot...what is your experience and basis to advise? Obviously none.

    Source(s): Me, 23 years in the US Army, former Recruiter
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