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Questions for a cyber bullying video ?

Okay so I am doing a video / slideshow for my class as a project and at the end we have to come up with questions to ask the class. BUT I have no sweet clue what questions I should ask, can you help me ? Thanks !

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    Well you can ask the class: if your asking questions about the video..

    what was the name of the bully?

    where site did the cyber bullying take place on?

    If your asking questions in general.

    Why do you think cyber bullying is a growing threat?

    What websites would you think cyber bullying is the most common?

    Also if your asking the class aloud you may want to bring some incentives like chocolate bars, you know how people can be if there is no reason for them to answer they may be timid.

    Depending on the amount of questions you can bring in one per question.

    If your doing it on paper of course you wont need incentives, but if you're doing it on paper then you can just use each of those questions.

    Good luck on your project.

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    You could ask about how cyber bullying affects the victim and how the affects of cyber bullying differ from the affects of face-to-face contact bullying. Ask them about ways that people can reduse cyber bullying reoccurences. You could also ask them about if the video affected them in any way or what they would do if they were being cyber bullied.

    P.S.: Honestly, I think it's great that you're doing a project on cyber bullying, whether the topic was assigned or not. I've been a victim of cyber bullying before and I like to know that people are being educated about it.

  • if you want questions of cyber bulling here are some:

    What causes cyber bulling?

    What are the characteristics of the bully?

    What can you do if you are being cyber bullied?

    Will the bulling stop if you ignore it?

    How does this affect the victim emotionally/mentally?

    Is cyber bulling just as common as school bulling?

    Is cyber bulling a growing threat in the US?

    What can you do to stop or prevent cyber bulling?

    These were all i could think of.Hope they help. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR PROJECT!!!!! :)

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