How many branches does a tree have?


I really need to know! (that's what poetry does to you, lol)

Update 2:

Is it like hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, ... ? (at the maximum end)

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    It keeps going. If you look at how they (and some other plants grow), they kind of spiral round as they add extra extensions. It follows what's called a Fibonacci sequence, so it goes 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34, ... etc. In a physical plant tree there is a limit because the trees don't live forever, but more generally this isn't the case. The two numbers being the same at the beginning that's because it's cyclic and there's delay of one cycle before another extension comes out, so it works out that if nothing goes seriously wrong then the number of branches is the same as the number of branches there were in the previous two cycles added together.

    "I really need to know." That's Beegees lyrics "How deep is your love?"

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    . I reckon if it's deep enough, then it covers the whole tree.

    I like "Knights in White Satin" too" Moody Blues. "Knights in White Satin never reaching the end."

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    . I can do an absolutely perfect version of that one in my own different kind of hearing though if I like. Daydreams know no bounds.

    Insight goes deeper and grows and covers the whole tree of dream-reality right from the middle under the bark to the outside through all the roots and branches of dream reality.

    But some have decided that nothing exist at all and assert "lack of insight" and "lack of decision making capacity" to assert that only a one-sided negative created concept does and can and use harmful drugs to attempt to make that come true. That's one part of dream-reality that takes some rapid daydreaming to get drug targets out of, and in the past sometimes as the champions of it attempted aggressively for months to eliminate my daydreaming functioning (and lots more besides, temporarily eliminating the lot at times) which to me is the best bit. And I like my daydreams that include people and experience and reality, rather than theirs that excludes them all and favours only a made up concept and harmful drugs being put into people. So mine is whole tree and there's is none of it apart from one tiny new twig that comprises of two things (made up concept/drugs) and contradicting everything else, and a theory that it helps, wrapped up with double-bind switches "lack of insight" and "lack of decision making capacity" so that only made up concept and harmful drugs are allowed and not functioning or experience or reality or people. So that's the most extreme sense of separation I've ever come across. Nothing is separate at all. And to know the tree is to know that.

    And knowing how we work and can work ourselves, is the beginning of getting to know the whole tree. And if the whole tree is destroyed, there is always a seed that it can start to grow back from, because full life is all life.

    Poem with trees: "Do not be afraid" Cassie Premo Steele

    When a tree loses its first leaves,

    it probably thinks it’s dying.

    I have had seasons like this.

    Letting go is terrifying.

    Every pain is a kind of stretching.

    Do not be afraid. The end is not coming.

    Watch the falling leaves.

    Learn the beauty of becoming.

    Listen to the wind in bare trees.

    It is the sound of wisdom humming.

  • Impossible to say. A healthy trees puts on more each spring and summer. An unhealthy tree is constantly losing branches. The number of branches is in a state of constant flux.

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    The branches of a tree

    reach for the sky

    they ramble and bramble

    no numbers to high

    filling with leaves that

    feed the branches

    a trees true age

    is a seasons chances

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    It depends on the tree. Some trees are bigger than others and some have more complex branch systems.

  • No idea but I do now that when I stood on a branch I went flying down landing on the buckle of my bike and broke my ankle when I was in year 6 at my old school! OUCH :'(

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    The branches of a tree

    Split ever smaller ever finer.

    They go in in unexpected directions.

    If you take the time to follow one, you'll see.

    At their ends are individual leaves

    Resembling one another

    But each one unique.

    We recognize faces and recall memories

    By nature's following this same construct in our minds.

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  • As many as it needs :-)

    Edit: It's dependent on the species of tree, and its age. Evergreens have dozens; older oaks may have hundreds.

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    Varies from tree to tree.

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