chiropractors? gave me back pain! ....HELP PLZ!?

i had football injury caused by tackling receiver pretty hard

his elbow got punched in my rib

on that day i had middle chest pain and pain when breathing in deep

pain went away next day, but had little pain in movement and laying down on side,

week later saw my rib and one of them was slightly out, i freaked out and went to a chiropractor first time

he quacked lot and gave me some treatment and told me come later to take x ray, later that day had bruised muscle and little pain

2nd day went for x-ray and gave me another treatment! end of that day had little bruising and little pain, but next day started having little headache and body ache and pain all over body on and off

3rd day showed me my x-ray and said my spine was tiny crooked and then i realized he didn't take any of my rib x-ray!! i told him no more treatment!!!

4th day and 5th day and 6th day, 7th day today,

i have been resting and i am in back pain, and on and off pain all over my body..

my bones are clicking,

i am the person who never took pain killer, never had headache which came like once a year.

i am having pain my rib, hurts when lie down on side and now i am having click pain all over my body and tiered of this pain..

i don't know what to do :( a

2 Answers

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