Is my hand fractured or something?

This happened over a month ago

I ended up punching something really hard with my fist a few times and after the last punch I felt a horrible pain in my hand, the next day it was extremely swollen and was in pretty bad shape for a bout a week or two. had a bruise on my palm and all the pain was coming form my pinkie fingers metacarpal.

It has slowly gotten better I can now use my hand for normal things now without hindrance. But I still have a consistent pain in my metacarpal if pressure is on it or if I move my hand or pinkie a certain way and its been over a month. It also feels a bit different in that area then in my other hand Did I just fracture it and its still healing?

I really don't want to pay for an Xray and a fancy splint from the hospital if I dot need to

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    sounds like a boxers fracture to me...make an appt with your doctor - you don't need to go to the ER.

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