Which 1 of 2 Sonatas is easier?

Only talking about the first movements:

Mozart Sonata in C Major K. 330


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Sonata in E flat Hob XVI 52


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Relatively, the first piece is 6 pages and the second is 8 pages. However, disregarding repeating parts, the "actual" content is closer to 4 pages and 5 pages.

I need to learn one of these and memorize it. I'm not that strong technically (I can play grade 8 songs but can't get them to a well polished level, more like a "proficient" level where I just only make a couple mistakes and can improve a lot on the interpretation, etc.) And both of these are grade 8 songs by ABRSM.

It looks like the Haydn one is a lot faster, but everyone plays it very slowly some reason... There's 4 beats a measure and so it's more like roughly 90 bps instead of the allegro 120-160. I don't understand this? It's not in cut time or anything... The first one is 2 beats a measure and is played right, at 126 bps Allegro Moderato.

Also, I need to pick this for college audition. If they say they want an "allegro movement", does that include Allegro Moderato, or just "Allegro", nothing else?

Thanks so much in advance!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I would say the Haydn one would be more challenging for me. I'm not saying it would be more challenging for you. You need to discuss this with your teacher and what he/she thinks. I prefer things in C Major. Ha ha. The Haydn piece, just by listening to it, seems more technical. However, I cannot decide for you. Try both out. Sometimes you'll find a special connection to the piece when you first play it. The Horowitz piece sounds like your better bet when it comes to something "easier". I find pieces with less sharps or flats easier to memorize. Sometimes pieces like the Haydn one are played faster or slower due to interpretation and performance practice. Anyway, practice and discuss with your teacher. I cannot choose for you. Good luck!

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