Will Splat hair color fade on me?

I'm a natural blonde, I dyed my hair red, and bleached it back to blonde. Anyways, I bleached it about two months ago. I know splat dye is supposed to fade, but they say it lasts longer and doesn't fade on bleached hair. Basically, I wanna know if it'll only not fade on freshly bleached hair. Blahh. I'm confusing. I want pink tips, but I want it to fade eventually. How will splat react with my hair which was bleached awhile ago? I just wanna know how it'll act with my bleach blonde hair...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Hi! I've used splat dye and made it a lot of colors before. I have naturally dark brown hair and bleached and dyed a strand. It usually lasts 2 weeks for me, and I leave it on for 15 minutes. But I just apply it and wash it out, I don't do anything special. If you want it to last long leave it in long and blow dry it as you near wash out time. Hope this helps!

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