Why won't my mom let me stay home?

This girl has been bullying me since summer, she has threatened me, posted nasty pictures of a vagina on fb claiming it was me, sent mean voice mails, texts, written notes, thrown things at me in school. Anyways, she left a voice mail at like midnight Friday night, basically calling me a "fat whore who needs to lose weight" and that she is going to "**** me up". I honestly felt like killing myself that morning after I heard it. And I heard the only reason she hasn't fought me yet is because she is on probation. School is aware of what she is doing to me, but the girl doesn't stop. I told my mom I want her to call school and say I'm not going to school and I want a tutor to be available to come to my house. My friend was home tutored last year because she didn't go to school. But it's a good reason for me, not just cause the bullying but because i learn better one on one, and i have a little depression and anxiety troubles. Advice please?


I've never been in a physical fight, but she is on probation idk what for, but she drinks and smokes and is just a bad person in general, and if she hits me first i will hit back cause i'm not going to sit there and take it, right? But i don't want that on my school records. I'm in a better mood when I'm home with my family, cause we have been through a lot, my dad died, and my grandma has breast cancer and is really confused so I think it would be better to be home most of the day anyways.

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    Did you show your mom the FB photo? Did you let her hear the messages and read the notes and texts? Did you let her listen to the threatening one you got Friday night?

    Are you in the US? Schools that don't stop bullying are being sued.

    Your mom needs to take this evidence to the school, to the police, to her parents, and to her probation officer. The probation officer is probably the best bet.

    Why is she targeting you?

    She should have been removed from the school for some of this behavior.

    Of course you have anxiety, you don't know what this girl will do next!

    I do wonder what you mean by "hasn't fought you yet" as though fighting is a normal activity for the two of you, were it not for her probation.

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    2 issues here. First is being bullied. That's pretty much illegal in all states now. However, we have experienced the same issues in our school district and they just refuse to do anything about it. So you can continue to use all your energy fighting a system that is failing you or school at home. There is a wealth of information online about home-schooling for you to research. Look up home-schooling in your state for the requirements to start. Ask your mom to help. You must have her support and encouragement to make it work and be successul for you. Sadly, violence in the schools are a primary reason that many families are looking for education in other places. No one has the right to make you feel that way and it doesn't work for someone to say "get over it" or "ignore it". When you feel in danger, you can't focus on anything else. First you have to feel safe. Talk to your mom about it. Talk about the pros and cons of school in both places and come to a decision together if you can. If you home-school, you will do just fine. Critics are clueless and often speak from complete lack of knowledge and ignorance. The statistics and incredible benefits are on our side :) The path you take is your own choice (as a family). The simple goal is to learn in a safe, nourishing, and thriving environment.

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    My advice for you would be to go to school. You may think that home schooling would be better, but then it will be very hard for you to adapt to college. Don't let the bully think that she can control you. When she makes fun of you, just roll you're eyes and walk away because what she is saying isn't true, you're beautiful and ten times the person she is, and you're way above it. Don't let her put you down. She must be very self conscious and not be very interesting if the only thing she can think of to talk about is you. Next time she is talking about you, just say "It's sad, [name], how the only thing you have to talk about is others. You're life must be pretty boring. I feel bad for you more than I feel bad for the kids you bully/pick on."

    She almost definately will stop picking on you if you make it look like she is a loser for talking about you all the time.

    As for the texts, notes, and voicemails, just ignore them.

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