Why would a man...?? Opinions/advice?

Go on 4 fabulous dates with you and pay for the tab each time, tell you you'd make a great couple, say hes mentioned you to his friends, invite you to accompany him on week long all expenses paid business trip to London... And then not text for days and days? We've been on 1 date a month since we met in September, and he's done the same thing each time.

Its important to note that we met online. he's 27 and I am 21. however, we are extremely compatible in terms of interests, political/religious beliefs, etc. Our conversations are great, very free flowing & natural. Yes, I have slept with him. And I am not ashamed because it felt right and I enjoyed it. I'm highly enamored with him, but I can't figure him out.


Yes, ive been to his apt and no he is definitely not married.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well he may be waiting for you to show more interest. Does he always have to text you first or is it mutual? If so then start texting him first just asking how his day is going and stuff.

    He may have someone else..hopefully this isn't the case but it could be. If a guy is starting to cut ties with you it may be because he's growing ties with another woman.

    He could be becoming bored. Guys like excitement. I'll stop texting a girl if she get's too boring or just comes back with one word text's. After ahwile I usually just stop texting them until they find something interesting to talk about.

    Or he could simply be busy. You said he offered you to join him on his BUSINESS trip to London. Im not sure where you all live but it sounds like he might have a pretty busy/stressful job.

    Anyway just try talking to him about it. That's the only way your going to find how why he's acting as such. We can only give you ideas! Good luck.

  • klicka
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    4 years ago

    touch him as quickly as greater to attempt to be sure what the subject is and spectacular it if achievable. in my view do no longer succumb to this medical look after his evey needs. He would be having distractions as he stated or he would be enjoying some suggestions game on you attempting to "prepare" you. Be courteous, no longer aggressive. do no longer placed your self in a foul status with him. I advise that once you touch him this final time to locate what the subject is then in keeping with danger you will desire to easily no longer touch him anymore. enable him touch you. do no longer hang. save your understand. i'm very sorry to declare this even however that's achievable that he only needed intercourse with you and has got here across it someplace else. having stated that that's as he says - there is a few thing happening and he does not' have time to jot down you spectacular now. Ask him if he desires to proceed your relationship. supply him area and spot if he provides a dazzling reaction if he contacts you first. it relatively is none of my enterprise, yet i think which you mustn't be having intercourse at or only after the 1st date and not till you're married. That little patch of membrane down there, in my view, is God's Seal of Approval. do no longer enable some fop (dandy & speakeasy) communicate it out of you. it may or is probably no longer an honest relationship. Be arranged for the unfavorable however would desire to it pass that way. that's achievable that when he has all waiting ravished you that he's now no longer fascinated. i wish I even have given you sturdy advice. sturdy success and ideal desires. - GDH

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If he senses that you are pushing him he will push away, let it happen and be secure that he likes you,

    he may be really busy like some business people are. Men like confidence and like me I dont text or call, Its just not my style and the way Im designed, if you like him then call him, its a two way street.

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    9 years ago

    Have you been to his house? If not he could be a married man. Sorry to say. If you have and he's not, maybe he just doesn't like texting.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well maybe he's not that interested anymore, feelings change you know.

  • 9 years ago

    I have no answers for you. you need to confront him about this

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