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How long do I bake 4 pieces of chicken and what temp?

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  • Laura
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    9 years ago
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    Put them in a bag of flour with spices (salt, pepper, basil, oregano, paprika - 1/2 tsp of each) and shake it. Then, put 1/4 cup of butter and 1/4 cup of shortening in a 13x9x2 pan and put the pan in the oven to melt the butter and shortening (425 degrees). When melted, put the chicken skin side down in the pan. Bake at 425 degrees for half an hour. After half an hour, flip the chicken pieces over and let it bake another half an hour. It will be perfect after 1 hour of baking.

    Source(s): Betty Crocker Cookbook - have been doing oven fried chicken this way for 20 years
  • ceece
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    9 years ago

    Bake chicken pieces in a covered pan for 45 minutes @ 350*f . = )

  • 9 years ago

    350 for 30-35 minutes. Check with meat thermometer. It should read 165.

  • Alvin
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    9 years ago

    season and bake for about 45min at 350degrees if you have a thermometer for meat check each piece for internal temp of 185degrees if no thermometer poke with fork if juices run clear it's done

    Source(s): i would get a hot pan with a few tablespoons olive oil or whatever oil you have and brown each piece in the pan first about 2-3mins per side will add a better flavor to it
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  • 9 years ago

    425 for 30 minutes,turn & cook another 30 minutes.

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