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Splinter Cell Convction: Question about this game guys answer asap?

Its on sale for $10 at future shop *I live in canada its our bestbuy, we have that too but theyre are selling it for $39 teef lol*

Anyways its saids that you have to register with ubisoft and play it while connected to the internet at all times. You can play when your router is offline. Does this eat up a lot of your internet GB quickly?

IS it worth it.

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    Ubisoft have removed the DRM that required a constant internet connection to play their games with a patch,

    I think you may still need to register with Ubisoft when you first run the game but the Ubisoft Launcher should download the latest patch for the game for you which removes the DRM.

    It never used up much of your download allowance it just "checked in" every so often to verify the game was legit.

    And for $10 yes it's worth it :)

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    6 years ago

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