Who was Brian Wilson scared of being murdered by?

I could have sworn I read somewhere about how Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys) stayed in bed and was worried that some guy was going to kill him. Does anyone remember that guys name?

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    9 years ago
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    Brian Wilson never stayed in bed for fear of being killed. He never really was in fear of his life to begin with. At one point in time, the mid to late 60's, Brian thought producer Phil Spector was bugging his home, recording studio and cars. He would often hold Beach Boys, Capitol Records meetings in the outdoor pool because he figured they could not bug the pool.

    Dennis Wilson was the one in fear of his life from Charles Manson due to the fact that Dennis let Manson and his following crash at his house for awhile. A few times, Dennis would show up at his house only to find the house redecorated, people he didn't know there, and drugs all over the place. When Dennis promised a record deal for Manson, then split, this made Manson infuriated. Dennis feared for his life and left the house and never looked back.

    @Lana H, Yes Dennis did promise one to Manson. Dennis told Charles that he could get Melcher to help him and that Manson could use Brian's home studio. One of the main reasons for the Tate-LaBianca murders was to send a message to Melcher who had lived at the Cielo Dr home before. Also, the movie was Seconds. Brian arrived at the showing late and as he sat down he heard "Come in, Mr. Wilson" from the film. He had thought that Phil Spector used the movie to mess with his mind.

    @Lana, my info comes from people around during that time. Mainly Dennis himself in later interviews. Also from Brian and the rest of the boys, close friends of Dennis such as Stephen Kalinch.

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    Charles Manson hung out with the beach boys for a while. He even tried recording songs. Brian was afraid of Manson

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    When he was trippin' (at one point) I think he went to some movie and became convinced Phil Spector (not sure if he was actually in it or not) was going to kill him. Apparently that wasn't as far fetched as it seemed, lol

    And Dennis never promised Manson a record deal, but he did meet Terry Melcher through Dennis. Terry never offered him one either. Dennis was afraid of what Manson might do after his step son went missing and Manson had sent him a bullet. He couldn't have actually been that afraid of Manson (as opposed of what he was capable of making happen) because at one point he kicked the crap out of him. Go Dennis!!!! lol

    Edit: Well according to people who were actually around at the time (Melcher, Gregg Jakobson, Steve Desper etc) and people who investigated every aspect of Manson's life (Vincent Bugliosi), at the very most, Dennis showed interest in his music and tried to help by introducing him to Melcher who could have offered him a deal. It's pretty much the consensus that the main factor behind that relationship was Dennis' intrigue with how Manson had so many people (girls) who obeyed his every command. Then again I'm just going by what people close to the situation have stated

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    Charlie manson I saw that on a show the aired on E! Manson left a bullet on his doorstep

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