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How can i become like jackie chan?

i want to learn how to fight like jackie chan or learn how to do kung fu proerley- so shal i go to china and go to a special place because i wanna learn how to do it properley like jackie chan not they way they do it near my dojo

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    If you want to know the truth, Jackie Chan was a side actor and a body guard for Bruce Lee. After Bruce Lee died, Jackie Chan continued using the movie skills he acquired to make his own movies.

    I do not know where Jackie learned his Kung Fu, but I will tell you right now that, Jackie Chan is only famous for his movies and not for his martial arts. If we analyze closely to him, the only thing he is really good at is jumping! and stunts! That's it! You can beat him no problem within an year by going to some community center where you can learn Kung Fu.

    Source(s): I have been taught this by my Karate teacher, and I am Chinese, so I understand his background more.
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    How you do it.... Hmm....

    Being like Jackie Chan isn't a One Day thing.

    You'll need to train since young.

    You know... you need those soft bones and all,

    But if you're older now, it ain't too late.

    You don't have to go to China... Just go to your nearby Kung Fu class to start it all.

    If you're the choosen one, you can make your choice, go to a Chinese Spots school and all.

    I know all of these coz i learn taekwondo (Korean Martial Arts) for a long time already.

    I've seen many chosen ones go to korea or singapore or whatever for competitions and training.

    Hope i helped.

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    Jackie Chan was raised in a monastery with monks. Doing martial arts,and acting maybe you will not be as good,but you can practice some form of martial art.

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    To become Jackie Chan you must be;

    *A Chinese

    *An actor / stuntman

    *Kung Fu practitioner - but he is not totally active on some Martial Arts training place, he just train some style prior to the movies they want to do, you can seen it on his own life documentary.

    Due to said reasons, you will never become him, but you can be you if you admit that every person has his own personality to dwell.


    Source(s): Senses Good luck
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    8 years ago

    I bet you're not even chinese

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