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Why are jews allowed to make fun of Christians but not vice versa? Same with minority races vs majority.?

i was watching the simpsons movie and they were making fun of Christians (the creators are jewish)

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    everyone is allowed to make fun of whomever they want. the jews just kvetch about it more.

  • They are not all Jews. They make fun of Jews as in Krusty the Clown and his father who is a rabbi - sometimes I think it goes too far but it's a cartoon, for Pete's sake! A doesn't mean anything.

    @salt and light: The entire world hates Christians??? Oh, cry me a river!

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    If you're making fun of a smaller group you're picking on them. If you make fun of a larger group then you're standing up to them. Or it could be people just apply a double standard. I love it when Homer cried out to "Jebus". Its not a slam on Christianity as much as a slam on people trying to grasp at straws.

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    The Simpsons have made fun of Jews, too.

    The show makes fun of everybody.

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  • Anonymous
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    As long as you don't threaten violence, or deny civil rights, anybody can make fun of anybody else in a society with freedom of speech.

    And I guess you've never bothered to study any history or current events, huh? Christians not only "made fun" of Jews for a very long time, they blamed them (and many still do) for "killing jesus," and oppressed, persecuted, and killed them for doing so.


  • J
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    Weak people pushing back against the Strong doesn't really carry the same connotation as the strong beating down upon the weak does it?

  • Because the minority is more sensitive because they have actually been made fun of.

    The majority is okay because no one makes fun of them.

    That's why

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    Everybody makes fun of Christians. The world hates us.

    What else is new?

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    I think they have a right to since Christians tried to exterminate them nearly 90 years ago

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    Both are wrong to do. The Jewish religion does lead to hell though. It was fulfilled by Jesus Christ.The Jews will be judged by God for it if they do not get saved.

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