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Seth Mitchell had a great performance. Anyone agree?

It was awesome. Mitchell is the real thing.

Ibragimov was able to beat Oliver McCall and has never been stopped. Mitchell jabbed at him and worked the body, connected 3 awesome Right hooks and even tricked him and attacked with an uppercut he never saw coming.

I predicted SD for Mitchell but he took him in 2 and is the first to stop Ibragimov.

Impressive performance by the American star.


@Alex, whaat? His jab is fine. He was working the body and landing his jab. His stamina was irrelevant as it didn't go the distance. He is a flat footed fighter it's in his style and his physique isn't flabby at all.

Though he needs his defense working on he destroyed Timur and smashed him.

Update 2:

@Alex, he doesn't need that much of a physique. He has natural KO power and his physique only changes his appearence. Not performance. He isn't like Holmes or Ali and he doesn't use a snapping jab, he uses a strong jab to create openings and go 4 the kill. However I respect your opinion and you raise good points.

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    I think he looked great last night. He beat a guy who was an advanced amatuer. We have to remember that Mitchell started boxing at 20 and did not have 100 amatuer fights like some people. He is learning on the go and doing a great job at it. He has great power and natural instincts. He looked like a beast. Here's what I said on a previous question...

    Far too early to say...In his toughest test thus far, he showed poise and patience and that he is a boxer...not just an athlete. He has serious power and showed good finishing instincts. Too early to talk about greatness or Klitschkos. I like what he said, he is working on his craft. I look forward to seeing him improve. He does need to remain defensively responsible. He also needs to make sure he is always in good position. He can be hit too easy (I thought).

  • I thought he looked terrible.Of course i wanted him to win,but i saw so many flaws in him.He is not nearly ready for the championship level.C- fighter

    Things Seth needs to improve on.



    Better footwork/head movement

    Physique(he looks to flabby to be a future champion in the making)The Klits brothers are a fine example of a champions physique

    Larry Holmes,Tyson,L.Lewis,Ali,Frazier,George Foreman(younger version),S.Liston,F.Patterson,Marciano,J.Louis etc.etc. never came in the ring looking less then a champion when they had a record equal to Seth's record.

    @JAZZ My opinion only.Take a look a Seth's back.He has no muscles in his back.His Physique needs a serious upgrade.A champions upgrade not a bodybuilder body.He isn't taking his training seriously or he doesn't have a rich sponsor to allow him free time to concentrate on key flaws that he has.His jab isn't a snapping jab.I expect more from him because i want him to be a future champion.Wlad,Vitali,Haye would jab Seth all day.

    @JAZZ I respect your opinion.I've learned a lot from you and many others here in this forum over these past 3 years.

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    He goes as far as his right hand takes him. I agree somewhat with Alex, he needs to improve his craft, especially defensively. Given that he's a Al Haymon fighter, I expect he'll be moved incredibly slow if HBO allows. Hopefully they force him to challenge himself, a fight with Arreola somewhere down the line would be epic.

    He was impressive for sure, I'll be checking for him moving forward, but I want to see improvement.

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    he looked awful both of them. he started boxing when he was 20 something and is undefeated, that says something about the heavyweight division

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