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How to achieve this body shape in my case? Or should I stay the way I am?

I'm 16, 5'6, 60 kilos and my measurements are 37-25-37. I have a flat stomach, a slender shape and a small frame. I'm also kinda toned. I'm quite happy with my hourglass shape, but wondering if I am good the way I am or I should lose not more than 6-7 kilos. I am a D cup and do NOT want to lose my breasts. I just want no inner thigh fat, no love handles, no belly pooch AT ALL and a butt that doesnt jiggle. What's your opinion? The females in my family are usually big breasted and I've always had a tiny waist. Plus, I used to be so fat but had smaller breasts. I lost so much weight but my breasts grew. Does this mean if I lose weight I wont lose this hourglass shape? Should I stay the way I am or go from curvy to skinny-curvy?

I'd like to have Nina Dobrev's body only with my D's. Is that possible?

Here's a pic of her if that helps:

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    To achieve a look of no belly fat, no inner thigh fat, no butt fat and no love handles will require a lot of weight training and cardio. Women naturally store their fat in these areas, therefore it requires a lot of hard work to get rid of, provided you don't happen to have amazing genetics. As far as your breasts are concerned, the fact that you are a D cup, it's pretty safe to assume that a lot of your breasts are actually fat. Larger breasts tend to have a higher percentage of fat, so there is a legitimate possibilty that your breast size could change. Any exercise you do to work on your target areas are going to cause body fat loss, which can very well lead to fat loss in your breasts. You will have to decide wether or not you want to sacrifice your breasts for a better body.

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