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Paris Hilton Calls It Quits With Cy Waits As She Struggles To Book Frenemies For Oxygen Show

Stock up on the Valtrex and dust off your best pickup lines, Gents: Paris Hilton is back on the market.Yeah — we were as shocked as you are.The 30-year-old socialite has parted company with Cy Waits, the Las Vegas club promoter who was with the heiress when both were arrested on cocaine charges in Sin City last summer. Snoops tell Us Weekly that the former couple — who as recently as last week were said to be “re-evaluating” their relationship — have made the decision to part ways after Cy found it increasingly difficult to cope with the pitfalls of Paris’ high-profile lifestyle.


Interestingly enough, Cy isn’t the only person in Paris’ life giving the heiress a head snap and a “Gurl, Puhleeze!” Word is PH is having the darndest time getting anyone to take an interest in her latest reality venture. After the Oxygen stinker premiered to a feud with View producers and shaming ratings among views, Paris reportedly began “begging” frenemies like author/designer Nicole Richie and reality maven of the hour Kim Kardashian to guest star. Yeah….that didn’t go over so well. According to National Enquirer Gossip Guy Mike Walker, newlywed mom Nicole’s too busy juggling her responsibilities at work and home to relive any of those Simple Life days with Hilton. Kim, on the other hand, just can’t afford to get reacquainted with the woman some Celeb Gawkers say helped catapult her to fame in the first place.“Nicole doesn’t feel beholden to Paris anymore,” an unnamed snitch tells Walker. “And even though Kim had mended fences with her one-time enemy, she didn’t want anything to do with the Paris show — saying it would ‘dillute her brand.’ That’s Kim speak for not wanting to prop up a competitor.”The source adds: “Paris is reaping what she’s sown. She’s treated friends shabbily for so long that no one wants to appear on her show…”

小的點數最多只有15點 不好意思還請各位多多幫忙orz






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    巴黎希爾頓調用它退出 Cy 等待,掙扎著書敵人氧秀

    Valtrex 對庫存和你最好的分揀線,轉眼上的灰塵: 帕麗斯 · 希爾頓是市場上回來。

    啊 — — 我們都像你一樣感到震驚。

    30 歲社會名流已與 Cy 等待,拉斯維加斯俱樂部發起人曾與女繼承人時都被捕可卡因收費的罪惡之城去年夏天絕交。偷窺告訴我們周,對離婚夫婦 — — 誰剛于上星期被說"重新評估"他們的關係 — — 已經決定分手後 Cy 越來越難以應付巴黎的高調生活方式的缺陷。


    Cy 更有趣的是,並不是唯一的人在巴黎的生活給予的女繼承人頭的管理單元和"女孩,Puhleeze!"單詞是 ph 值擁有了的話讓人帶了她最新的現實風險的興趣。視圖生產者與羞辱評級在視圖之間以世仇首演的氧臭氣熏天后,巴黎據說開始像作者/設計師妮可和現實 maven 的明星客串小時 Kim Kardashian"乞討"敵人。Yeah….that 沒有複習得很好。根據對國家問詢八卦的傢伙邁克沃克,新婚媽媽妮可的太忙得她在工作中的職責和家庭讓我們重溫當年簡單生活的任何與希爾頓。金,另一方面,只是不能獲得與一些名人勞雷說説明驟增她成名放在第一位女子成婚。未命名的告密者"妮可不覺得受制于巴黎了,"告訴沃克。' 即使金與她一次性的敵人修好圍欄,她不想跟巴黎展 — — 說它會 ' dillute 她品牌。 '這就是金髮言不想競爭對手支撐。"


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