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The figure above shows a car(A) that has broken down on East Road. Another car(B) leaves garge on North Road at a point B.The straight-line distance between points A and B is 50miles. If the car(B)travels at an average speed of 45 miles per hour along North and East Road, how long will it take the car(B) to get to the car(A).


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    上圖 (A)車在東方路上A點拋錨

    另外 (B)車在北方路B點離開車庫

    點A 到點B 直線距離為50英哩

    若 (B)車以平均速度每小時45英哩


    (B)車 須要多久 才可以到 ( A ) 車處

    依畢氏定理 斜邊平方等於兩股平方和

    50乘50等於20乘20加BO乘BO BO約為45

    距離 45加20 是65

    速度 45

    時間 是 距離除以速度


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