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im buying a heavy bag should i use gloves? bruce lee didnt?

i heard you Needed gloves is that true

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    8 years ago
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    It depends on how you punch.

    if you hold your hand like an old bare knuckle boxer then you can hit trees and send bark flying like tom cribb did as part of his training.

    bruce lee punched like a bare knuckle boxer and if you don't believe me compare how their fists made contact.

    EVERY bare knuckle manual written pre 1900 prefers hitting with the fist vertical except a few exceptions where they advocate a horizontal fist jab like move to the body (which is a soft target) but still the head punches & rear handed ones are vertical.

    however I would recommend you use gloves to start & every once in a while just wear your wraps without gloves or just use your gloves without wraps when hitting the bag to toughen up your hand before you hit it bare.

    also bruce toughened up his hands by hitting a mook jonk aka wooden dummy and some karateka use something called a makiwara which is a board protruding from the ground to strike at and old boxers punched trees.

    In a real fight you won't have gloves so you need to learn how to punch without them!!!!!!

    Source(s): martial arts training since 1997
  • 8 years ago

    USE GLOVES! many professionals have broken fingers wrists and hands without gloves. Bruce lee was an unhuman force lol you're not Bruce lee, plus he's had year yeas and years of training. Use gloves

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    You dont need gloves.But i would recommend you use them so you don't mess up your hands.

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