what is steam (games)?

I thought it was a game making company but now it seems to be more? they want me to "download steam" to try a portal demo before I likely buy it. what am I downloading?

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  • Ken
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    9 years ago
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    Steam is a digital distribution platform that was originally developed by Valve. Steam provides a framework to download and manage your game library, and it even has a store feature with the newest pc game releases. It almost works like a variation of iTunes, but with games instead of music and movies.

    Although it sounds kind of strange to the uninitiated, it actually works very well and has been tweaked and streamlined over the past couple years. As of this moment there are over 1000 pc games available for purchase and download through the Steam store, and they can now be stored in the cloud, so you will never lose them. Even if your computer fries, when you get a new one, just download Steam and your new games will be there waiting for you to play them.

    And no, Steam does not make any game itself.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Basically, Steam is a game distribution platform. It provides a single store where you can buy and update games as well as chat with friends and whatnot. You can just launch Steam and start your games from there; it simplifies the process of organizing your games. It also helps with multiplayer, achievements, and more. Valve is the company that created Steam; it also created Portal. To play Portal, you must download Steam. You don't have to buy anything though (unless you end up buying another game, that is).

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Steam is a digital download site in which when you download it you can add money to a steam account and then place money on steam and download games from it. The site is totally safe and the best part about it is when it gives out special sales.

  • 4 years ago

    No, it basically provides a shortcut, till you upload the main (in spite of the shown fact that, this basically works for some video games). including a non-Steam game to Steam assist you to apply the Steam overlay in-game while released from Steam, nonetheless.

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  • Fetus
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    9 years ago

    Like right now, they are having a "win your top 10 games in your wishlist" thing, and the Christmas sales are about to start anytime now, I'm expecting towards the 20th of December. You definitely don't want to miss the holiday sales, that's for sure :]

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