Can I have some good book suggestions?

I like fantasy, romance, teen fiction (nothing overly cheesy, and nothing too innapprpriate). I also like Horror books, and I LOVE books like Harry Potter, The Vladmir Todd series, Series of Unfortunate Events, Red Riding Hood. I do not like books like Twilight.


I have read Hunger Games, the Gideon Trilogy, and most of Stephen King's books.

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    Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine *NOTHING LIKE TWILIGHT, thank God.*

    First Chapter:

    It's about a girl named Claire Danvers. She is sixteen almost seventeen years old and is really smart so she graduates early. She could go to all the big universities like MIT, CalTech, Yale, but her parents decide shes too young to be so far away alone so she goes to a university in her state in a town called Morganville(Texas). While at Texas Prarie University (aka TPEwwwww), her laundry gets stolen, she gets beat up, and pushed down the stairs by the 'queen bee'. She looks for off campus housing, and all of them sound totally weird except for one house with 3 other people. So she goes, and we meet our other 3 main characters. And basically they tell her the whole freakin town is run by vampires. And yea, she's like WTF YOU CRAZY...but yeah.

    That's basically all explained in the first chapter or something, so I'm not giving anything away haha. And what I like is that the vampires aren't anything like Twilight...people actually hate them, and they don't sparkle -_- But it's a really good series. Lots of action but also a really good amount of fantasy and romance too :) I definatley recommend this series since you like Harry Potter and a Series of Unfortunate Events (which I read) and want not cheesy, but not inappropriate romance.

    It is absolutely NOTHING like Twilight TRUST ME, and I really hope you just read the first chapter on the website and give it a chance because these books are so underrated when I think they deserve to have their own tv show, movie, etc.

    AND there's a bunch of books in the series so you won't have to wait a year for the next book!

    It's my favourite series, try it!

    OR the Darkest Powers Series by Kelley Armstrong

    It's about a girl named Chloe Danvers who see's ghosts. She gets sent to the Lyle House, a house for 'troubled teens' to get better. They tell her she's a schizophrenic. She plans on just lying to them and telling them ('them' being the doctors and people who run the place.) that she isn't seeing or hearing ghosts anymore so she can get out of the Lyle House ASAP. But after a series of events, she comes to realize that she isn't the only weird one in the house and all the other occupants (There's 5 others) have secrets...DUN DUN DUUUUH!!! It's pretty good. Maybe number 3 or 4 on my top favourites list.

    First couple chapters:

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    3 years ago

    realize you stated no vampire books...however I consider Twilight is nice! It's a well booklet and it is in a persons factor of view, now not a vampires! It's additionally a film. There's: Twilight; New Moon; Eclipse; and Breaking Dawn... Though Breaking Dawn isn't out within the cinema's but... If now not Twilight, then how approximately a few Jaqueline Wilson books? They're super!!! And fairly humorous. Hope I helped(:

  • 8 years ago

    The Hunger Games

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    8 years ago

    THE HUNGER GAMES. I can pretty much guarantee you will love it. I sure did. (obviously!) Also, if you wanna cry a little read The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. Sure, everyones seen the movie, but not many know how great the book really is. My copy has been cried on everytime its been read.

    Source(s): Me. Read the Hunger Games 2 times and The Last Song 7.
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  • 8 years ago

    I would suggest the Inkheart series and the Eragon series. Both are very interesting and great books!

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