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What are good fender guitars under $1000?

I like the look of the old 50's rock and roll buddy holly- type fenders, what are the best kind of fenders out there?

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    Hello there,

    Some models of the American Strat can be bought new for just under $1000. You can buy most models of the American Strat for under $1000. The Fender Standard Stratocaster MIM is very good. It sells new for $500. The American Standard is better. But nevertheless, the MIM Strat is very good. One of my favorite Strats here is an MIM Strat. It gets about as much playing time as any of my Strats.

    One tine to keep in mind is that with the vintage reissue series (both MIM and American) the pickups have a vintage sound. The pickups from the 50s and early 60s are not hot. If you want hotter pickups, do not get a Strat from the vintage reissue series.

    I am fond of vintage Strats. I often seen an 80s era Strat sell for far less than a used modern American Strat. The Strats 85 and later (all made in Corona) are very good. Also the mid to late 80s Strats made in Japan are excellent. They play well and sound great. Sometimes an 80s MIJ Strat will sell for far less than an American Strat. The E series necks have a great fee



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