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Do I need a Class-C License in order to get my Class-M License? (Texas)?

I am looking to get my Class-M license after my 16th birthday in a few months.. but i cant figure out, Do I need a Class-C License in order to obtain my Class-M license? or can I (without any type of license at all) take the MSF classes and obtain my Class-M license?

I really appreciate y'alls answers. I really need to find out.

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    According to Texas DPS, you must first have a drivers license (they call it a 'learner license'). Here's a list of the requirements and restrictions, straight from the TXDPS website:

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  • Dan
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    8 years ago

    I had my M license a year before my C, but that was 40+ years ago. It will say License on it.

    the C is a license with a M "endorsement" Both are valid.

    Ft Worth

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  • 8 years ago

    A driver's license is not required to get a motorcycle license.


    Due to your age, you are required to meet certain requirements - which includes passing the standard Driver's Ed. While you must pass, there is no requirement to accept the car license.

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