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How to get rid of lactic acid build up...?

I have lactic acid build up in my calves and it hurts so bad. Does massaging them work? If not what does? I've had lactic acid before and it eventually goes away after like a week or so, but is there a less painful, more effective way??


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    You're lucky you still feel the pain. I miss that pain, i used to work out and the next day have lactic acid buildup, and at first it would hurt so much I couldnt even take it but after a while I got addicted to it, and whenever i needed a boost of motivation or euphoria during the day i would stretch really hard and feel much better. You need to stretch a lot, it makes it hurt more while you are stretching, but it makes it go away faster and it's bad for you to let the lactic acid just sit there. Don't worry, you get used to it soon enough, if you've been doing things that make you release lactic acid then you are trying to be healthier right? Resilience is a huge part of being healthy, and it's a matter of being tolerant to things that you don't like. Massaging them does work, it's the same thing as stretching, although I think stretching works better.

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