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Please help, wireless lan antenna?

my desktop pc has a little thing where it looks like you can screw something and says wireless lan antenna. can someone send me some links to what kind of antennas i can get from amazon for cheap? does any antenna work? thanks

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    I think (repeat: think) what you're talking about is a wireless LAN card, which has a small antenna built into it. You would use this to allow your PC to connect wirelessly to your home wireless network.

    If this is what you're talking about, they can easily be found. Just Google "wireless pc lan card" and you'll find plenty of them out there. You can get one for under $30 bucks...a WHOLE lot cheaper than what they used to cost.

    Installing them is simple. And set-up is usually pretty easy, too, since they auto-detect all wireless networks they can find. You just select YOUR network from the list, enter in your password (I DO hope your wireless network is password-protected!) and you're all set.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Me...a closet tech geek.
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