Possession charge to fall through?

I recently got a possession charge having spice/k2/synthetic marijuana. The final charge I got from the magistrates office was a charge for possessing marijuana, yet I did not possess marijuana. Is this their standard for a k2 spice charge, or is this a mistake that might make their case fall through? I recently asked this question, yet the only answer I got was from a person with incorrect information. Their answer was:

"The law makes THC, and any product or plant containing THC illegal. k4, spice, marijuana, pot, hemp, ganga, mota, etc. etc. are all the same. If it contains THC, it tests positive as Marijuana, and therefore is Marijuana."

Spice/k2/synthetic marijuana contains no THC and does not test positive for THC or marijuana.


To a certain answerer: I'm not b*tching about anything. If you look at the tone of my question, I'm simply curious and wanting information which will help my case.

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    The laws are starting to keep up with the products and just because you call it "Synthetic Marijuana" doesn't mean it isn't a controlled substance. If it contains the same psychoactive compounds as weed, it is weed... It doesn't matter what form it is in.

    Most prescription opiates are now synthetic. Does that mean they won't get you addicted to them the same exact way heroin addicts get hooked on processed poppy?

    6 of 1, half a dozen of the other.

    While I am 100% pro-decriminalization of marijuana and think it is a load of crap you're being charged at all, you must learn to deal with reality in the here and now.

    Right now, K2/synthetic marijuana is illegal. You need to quit b*tching about it and start looking for a good defense.

    I don't know if they are international or not, but I'm sure you can find some decent legal advice at http://norml.org/

  • 8 years ago

    The key to your charge depends on facts: The substance you got caught with does/does not contain THC. At a minimum, you could ask for a subsequent test. And if you get a good defense attorney, he may query the chain of custody.

    Seems questionable to me, that your "synthetic marijuana" does not contain THC. But the real answer depends on the lab and on a good defense from a criminal law attorney. ... Take care!

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    8 years ago

    If they're charging you for possession of marijuana, yes. However, due to the fact that JWH-008 and all of it's derivatives are illegal, you're going to get charged no matter what. The severity of what happens to you then depends on how much you had, whether or not you had paraphernalia, whether or not you had multiple bags or containers, etc. Get a good defense and you should get off the hook pretty easy here.

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