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Would Russian be hard for me too learn through the internet?

My native tongue is Dutch. My mother was Ukrainian and spoke Russian. But she never bothered speaking a word of Russian to me or my brother. The only times she would "speak" Russian was when she was angry and would go on a Russian cursing rage...

She would never learn me a single word in Russian, even if I asked. She would always say "Why? You don't need it. Focus on Dutch it's more important." -.-

If I were to learn some basic Russian on the internet and went using it on the internet would I be able to master it to some degree? I mean, that's the way it went with English. I learned basic English from watching movie's and then came along the internet and my English got a huge improvement eversince. Yeah I know I won't be able to speak it correctly and stuff. But I'm hell bent on learning a third language. And it would either be Russian or Japanese. But I prefer Russian because it has some relevance with me.

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    Learning Russian takes some time and effort, but you will certainly succeed if you are dedicated and will practice as much as you can.

    One of the posters suggested Rosetta Stone. Keep in mind that Rosetta Stone for Russian is not the best program. It is good for learning some words and phrases, but it does not teach you the basics of the language, that you really need to learn to be able to communicate successfully. So either get a good book (here is a link to the list of books I use with my students: or take Russian lessons from a Russian tutor once or twice a week.

    You can take live online lessons via webcam, when you will see, hear and talk to the teacher live in real-time. This is invaluable as communicating with a Russian speaker fluent in English and who is also a professional teacher will provide you with solid foundation for future studies. The first-time students can take an absolutely free lesson:

    Whatever method you choose make sure you watch Russian cartoons, videos and expose yourself to real Russian as much as possible. Join some groups or pages on facebook. On my facebook page you will learn more about Russian language (I constantly record videos), ask questions and get answers from fellow students or teachers like me and win some prizes (like free Russian lessons via webcam with a Russian tutor): Or watch some of my videos on youtube: And best of luck learning this beautiful language!

    Source(s): Online Russian School: Learn Russian Facebook page: Youtube channel to learn Russian:
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    If you are able to find a really program like Rosetta Stone, then I think you should be able to learn. Using the internet as a source, you most likely will be able to understand or speak in some degree. However, with learning any language, I still recommend learning from someone or at least be exposed to people that constantly speak the language (Russian in your case). If you plan to be fluent, you will need more than the internet, but good luck!

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    It may be very hard but in 5 years you will get it.. but I remember that I don't know Russian at all but I sang a couple of songs because I heard them alot and I really liked it so that helped me Its the intrest if you really want to speak it fluently I really think you can..

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