What is nata pratha and what is the difference between nata and getting remarried? India?

I saw this Indian hindi soap opera "balika vadhu" yesterday and I came to know about naata pratha which is prevalent in villages of India and is approved by jati panch of villages and Indian societies.

Source: http://www.hindu.com/2000/06/18/stories/13180619.h...


So if a girl is divorced/widowed ain't she has right to get remarried? Nowadays many girls and boys are divorced and getting remarried, nothing big deal in that. So if a girl remarry does that mean she's going on naata. Whats the difference between naata pratha and divorcee/widowed girl getting remarried?


@Happy-2, this site is for all and don't you have sense I have asked this in Indian category and if thts not enough, I wrote India clearly in title. Indians will understand what I mean and if u r non-indian and did not understand my question then you should have better mind your own business and stayed away from my question. I don't understand why this non-indians always interfere in other's business. Get some life

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    naata means "relation" ...pratha means "social dogmas" ..pratha cud be gud or bad...its actually a form of social acceptance....the dogmas cud be sati system, child marriage, widow remarriage...so on, these dogmas were prevalent during pre-independece period...although these dogmas have been eradicated, u may hear abt "dowry" being imposed on girls family...though these are fast reducing (except in rural india)..

    although i have not seen ths particular serial....i cud say it wud have to do something regarding these social dogmas.....u cud get a glimpse of certain key issues on indian soaps but to find out the actual history you should read contemporary indian history !!

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    Re marry we say in Gujarati NAATRU it means re merry no any specific for widow or divorcy

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    You seem to be oblivious to the fact that this is an English language site. Go ask your question wherever they speak whatever language that is that you are using.

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