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Want to get myself into hard to escape situations. Please answer?

OK I need some suggestions on what I should do to arouse myself I extremely enjoy getting myself into situations that I struggle to get out of I am a crosssdresser who uses makeup so I would appreciate it using women's clothes but I play around with padlocks, duct tape, super glue, handcuffs so is there anything I could do with crossdressing (I'm not gay) and/or any one of those products or more products that could get me into that situation that I would struggle to get out of. Please don't just bag me about this I am very sensitive about this and only answer if you've got ideas. I don't care how outrageous your ideas are but the more the better just please give me ideas. 10 points for best answer.

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    About asteroids hitting Earth.

    The swirling of water in a draining tub.

    Dispensing water at zero-g.

    Robert Goddard and World War II.

    Asymmetry of the Moon's orbit.

    Measuring distance from the Sun.

    Who owns the Moon?

    Acceleration of a rocket.

    Rebounding ping pong balls (re. #35)

    Rebounding ping pong balls and gravity-assist

    Source(s): (b) Big Dipper star names
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