I want to trade my Neopets' VWN Mara Gelert for pure np if possible?

I have a male maraquan gelert with a name format of Xxxxxxx. I would trade him for 1.5 million neopoints. Anyone interested? (I know this is against the rules. I will take the punishment if I get caught. ;P )

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  • 9 years ago
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    I know you stated that you knew this was against the rules, believe me, I can almost guarantee TNT will figure that out... But, a safer option would be to invest in stocks at the stock market with money made by playing games, you'll feel prouder having accomplished gaining NP without cheating. Plus, is there a dream pet of yours you want...? If so, try trading your Gelert for that pet, anything can be accomplished by trading. Trade up and you might just get what you want in a legit way.

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