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What is a fascist state?

We all know about Nazi Germany and Mussolini's Italy, and some of us also know of imperial Japan as being fascist. Now, China can hardly be considered to be communist any more, especially since Zhu Rongji opened its stock market in 1990. However, I came across the argument in a class on Chinese government that China is becoming a fascist state. This view is advocated by liberal Chinese dissidents. I was initially skeptical of this argument, but in light of some videos that I have seen of extreme Chinese nationalism, which included a group of Chinese real estate agents dressed in Chinese Revolution-era costume putting on a pro-communist pro-nationalist performance, it struck me that it was not unlike nationalist demonstrations in Nazi Germany or other prominent examples of fascism. Additionally, China is authoritarian, which is an essential part of the definition of a fascist state. So, in my search for whether China qualifies as a fascist state, I must ask the question: what is a fascist state?

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    meaning the state is autonomously holding up to an instinct oriented system where independent functioning is the main standpoint apart from the contributions of others

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