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Please rate these names on a scale of 1 -10, Thanks!?

Olivia Jade - My name flipped.

Lily Scout - I love Scout from To Kill A Mocking Bird.

Eleri Claire

Chloe Sophia

Ella Isabelle

Carys Olivia

Briony Violet

Evelyn Celeste

Cora Elise

Anya Scarlet

Leilani Zoe

Kyla Jade

Nixie Marie - Nixie after my grammy.

Last name Belvins.


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    Olivia Jade - 10/10 - Beautiful name! I love it very much!

    Lily Scout - 8/10 - I love Lily but I don't think Scout is a cute middle name, Well atleast not for a girl! What about Lily Amelia?

    Eleri Clarie - 5/10 - I don't like Eleri it looks and sounds made up! I like but don't love Claire. What about Alisha Claire?

    Chloe Sophia - 8/10 - I like Chloe but it sounds more like a cats name but it's alright. I love Sophia as a name. If you want to change Chloe what about Claire Sophia?

    Ella Isabelle - 10/10 Love it! It's adorable for a little girl!

    Carys Olivia - 5/10 - I don't like Carys it looks made up. I love Olivia though. What about Carly Olivia?

    Briony Violet - 3/10 - Briony looks and sounds much like Bryan. I love Violet for a middle name. What about Brianna Violet?

    Evelyn Celeste - 10/10 - Love it very very cute!

    Cora Elise - 6/10 - I love Cora but I don't like Elise! What about Cora Alice?

    Anya Scarlet - 7/10 - I don't like Anya. I love Scarlet though. What about Tanya Scarlet?

    Leiani Zoe - 1/10 - I don't like Leiani. I like Zoe (Zo-ie). What about Loralie Zoe?

    Kyla Jade - 9/10 - I like Kyla (Ky-la) but I wouldn't use Jade as the middle name. What about Kyla Julie

    Nixie Marie - 8/10 - Now I know Nixie is after your Grammy but I would rather you use Nicki Marie!

    The order I like them in!

    Olivia Jade Belvins

    Ella Isabelle Belvins

    Evelyn Celeste Belvins

    Kyla Jade Belvins

    Lily Scout Belvins

    Chloe Sophia Belvins

    Nixie Marie Belvins

    Anya Scarlet Belvins

    Cora Elise Belvins

    Eleri Claire Belvins

    Carys Olivia Belvins

    Briony Violet Belvins

    Leiani Zoe Belvins

    If I had to chose which one I like the most it would be Olivia Jade Belvins! It suits your last name and is adorable!

    Well I hope I helped! =D

  • Emma
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    Olivia Jade - 8/10 Sounds pretty, and the connection is nice.

    Lily Scout - 7/10 Very cute!

    Eleri Claire - 5/10 Maybe Ellery or Everly?

    Chloe Sophia - 5/10 Not sure, it seems a little bland.

    Ella Isabelle - 3/10 Both pretty names, but too many "elle"s.

    Carys Olivia - 6/10 Not too keen on Carys.

    Briony Violet - 6/10 Both names are really pretty but they don't really work together somehow.

    Evelyn Celeste - 6/10 I like them, but they're not my favourite.

    Cora Elise - 8/10 They sound really good together.

    Anya Scarlet - 6/10 I love Anya but not really with Scarlet.

    Lailani Zoe - 3/10 Not a fan of either names.

    Kyla Jade - 3/10 I don't really like Kyla.

    Nixie Marie - 5/10 Too similar, and although I respect that Nixie is your grammy's name maybe it could be a nickname or middle name?

    My favourites are Olivia Jade, Lily Scout and Cora Elise.


    Olivia Nixie

    Cara Olivia

    Cara Elise

    Cara Eliza

    Anya Charlotte

    Olivia Bryony

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    one meaning the highest; : )

    1. Olivia Jade --------> my favourite because it sounds so nice together and pretty :) <3;; 10/10

    2. Anya Scarlet;; 9/10

    3. Kyla Jade;; 8/10

    4. Leilani Zoe;; 7/10

    5. Evelyn Celeste;; 6/10

    6. Briony Violet;; 5/10

    7. Chloe Sophia;; 4/10

    8. Eleri Claire;; 3/10

    9. Nixie Maire;; 2/10

    10. Cora Elise;; 1/10 :(

    number 10 meaning the lowest. : )

  • Olivia Jade -- 4

    Lily Scout -- 2

    Eleri Claire -- 1

    Chloe Sophia -- 6

    Ella Isabelle -- 4

    Carys Olivia -- 4

    Briony Violet -- 2

    Evelyn Celeste -- 8

    Cora Elise -- 1

    Anya Scarlet -- 7

    Leilani Zoe -- 2

    Kyla Jade -- 7

    Nixie Marie -- 5

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Olivia Jade - 7.5/10

    Lily Scout - 3/10

    Eleri Claire - 5/10

    Chloe Sophia - 6/10

    Ella Isabelle - 6.5/10

    Carys Olivia - 2/10

    Briony Violet - 1/10

    Evelyn Celeste - 9/10

    Cora Elise - 8/10

    Anya Scarlet - 6/10

    Leilani Zoe - 0/10

    Kyla Jade - 1/10

    Nixie Marie - 7.5/10

  • Faye
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    9 years ago

    I want to give you advice, on using your name.... if you do everything will get mixed up with you and her. I am named after my mom but flipped and our social security numbers got mixed up when I was 2 years old and I also had my first mortgage when I was 2 years old too. Just an fyi ;-) Beautiful name though;-)

    #1 Nixie Maire

    #2 Eleri Claire

    #3 Lily Scout

    #4 Anya Scarlet

    #5 Ella Isabelle

    Good luck!!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Wesley Charles: 6/10 I (i like Wesley yet i'm no longer huge on Charles, i do no longer think of it has the terrific fluidity as an entire the two, in spite of the shown fact that that's lovable) James Wyatt 8/10 (This call is stunning and extremely sturdy) Joanna Kathleen 5/10 (no longer precisely my sort in spite of the shown fact that it does seem to have purely a sprint a southern allure) Margaret Mae 8/10 (stunning, i do no longer likely like the nickname however the entire call is somewhat growing to be to be)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Olivia Jade is one of my favs!

    Ella Isabelle doesnt sound right... too many elles.

    Evelyn Celeste is cute!

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    I agree with Phaye. The same thing happened with my sister and mom. They have the same first name and there second name both start with E. Their credit gets mixed up all the time.

  • Anonymous
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