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Do you know the song called "Thinking about you"? Any ideas?

It's not the Katy Perry one; not the Frank Ocean one, and actually, I have no idea who is the singer.

What I know is that I accidentally found it on YouTube about 3 months ago, while i was watching "norah jones thinking about you"; its title was "Thinking about you - ..." and put singer's name to ... :)

Oh, and also it's clip was about a woman with a man, then walking on the shore with high heel shoes, and then in the town. I'm only telling the details because i hope that someone also saw it.

It was a bit like dubstep mixed with pop, though i can't really tell. Also, i loved it; pleaaase help!!

Ps.: It's NOT norah jones, not adele, not olly murs.


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    theres one from justin bieber and Emmalyn Estrada and one by MArio theres also a song called thinking about forever by bridget kelly and thinking about u by big scray!

    Hope one of theses r it

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