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I hear about mercury tuna poisoning alot, there are reccomendations saying you can only eat 4 ounces a day...?

But there's a problem. I live on the stuff, being such a cheapass -- I easily have 2 - 3 a day, sometimes I cut it out altogether though if I don't feel like eating it, so my consumption is quite sporadic: one day I can have 3 cans, then none for several days before I eat a few cans again.

With the mercury levels in tuna being so allegedly dangerous as state in these guidelines, wouldn't they have labeled it now, or are they content with brain-damaging the population? It's come as quite a scare to me. And yet, I eat it because of its health benefits -- I've a minor selenium deficiency and it has a few B-complex vitamins too.

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    For non-vulnerable populations, going somewhat above the recommendations for tuna consumption probably won't harm you, our bodies are surprisingly good at dealing with toxins, especially ones we consume regularly. But you might want to swap out some of your tuna for smaller fish, such as sardines, herring, or (to a lesser extent) salmon. And when you do eat tuna, go for "chunk light" tuna instead of "white albacore" tuna, it has a lot less mercury. may ease your mind a bit.

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    If the 'experts' are saying you should only eat four ounces a day, and much much less for pregnant women, believe me when I say they are understating the danger. They absolutely do not care about brain-damaging the public. If they did they wouldn't put fluoride in the water. Or MERCURY in vaccines for that matter. Don't add to what they are already doing to you.

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