Can I use my Yahoo Mail to create a Windows Live Account?

Recently bought Batman Arkham City & when I start the game it requires me to login into my Windows Live account in order to keep records & save progress.

When I did try to create a Windows Live account, I tried entering my Yahoo Mail account, it told me that the 'username' already exist & all I needed to do was type in my password. This was odd since this is the first time I entered Windows Live.

& off course, I don't know the password so I tried forgot password & now its telling me that the 'username' I inputted was incorrect.

A friend told me that only a hotmail account can be used to register for Windows Live. Is that true?

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    8 years ago
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    yes only hotmail....

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  • 3 years ago

    use your yahoo handle to create you a sparkling domicile windows stay, no remember the place i'm i exploit my identity, while somebody contacts me in msn it is composed of yahoo, cuz i exploit my yahoo identity , upload your individuals to you domicile windows stay as you're able to in the different messenger, no remember if thier hotmail, yahoo, msn , enter their identity, regardless of@regardless of

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