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How would a liberal, realist, and a marxist theorist view the genocide that happened in East Timor?

East Timor was invaded on 7 December 1975 by Indonesia.

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    Definition of genocide : systematic and deliberate destruction of other ethnic/religious/national group. Given this definition, I do not think "genocide" is the right word, because they do not target/sought to annihilate any specific group, they just target anyone in east timor who demand independence.

    Government under soeharto is iron fist you know, back then even other indonesians are afraid to talk about things, because state intelligence is everywhere, many people just gone missing if they do not agree with the govt.

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    A liberal would view as an atrocity, because liberals main purpose is to protect individual rights.

    According to what I read, Indonesia invaded East Timor because they were "fearful of an independent communist state within the Indonesian archipelago" (Wikipedia). If that is the case then a Marxist theorist will also disagree (to put it nicely) with the Indonesian invasion and killings because, for Marx (one of the pioneers of socialism), the best type of political/economic system was a communist one.

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