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who is the greatest satanic Illuminati puppet in history?

1. Harry Potter

2. Walt Disney

3. George H.W. Bush

4. Mohammad

5. J. Smith

6. Dick Dawkins

7. Lil Wayne

8. Henry VIII

9. Gaga

10. Nimrod

11. St. Nicholas of Lycia

12. Bill Maher

13. Ben Franklin

14. Caligula

15. Jay-Z

16. George Lucas

17. Queen Elizabeth I

18. Ebeneezer Scrooge)before his conversion)

19. B. Obama

20. Steven Hawking

21. The Grinch(before he was converted)

22. Anton LeVey

Which liar has lead the most humans into apostasy from God down the throat of Satan?

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    The pope.

    Source(s): I will admit the dude knows how to party though.
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    You'll need to learn a lot dude. Illuminati keeps no puppets. All those who work for us are illuminatus'. Nobody you mentioned above, except sir franklin, has any relation our order.

    Look for the word SATAN in a Hebrew dictionary. It will read this:- people who worship deity that is carved out of stone or a statue of deity. Early roman catholic church declared such idol worshippers as evil because they belonged to other religion than christianity and hence drew people away from christianity. When the church declared them evil, it recieved more response from the mass and more people adapted christianity. Thus satan is not an evil but is just a class of people who worship their deities differently. If you dont beleive me, ask any qualified historian. If I prove wrong, I'll cut my head and present it to you.

    Source(s): Illuminatus.
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    If it's not Dick Cheney, then its Geo H.W. Bush..... read Family of Secrets

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  • Lil Wayne. When you smoke weed and listen to him, you can almost swear the Illuminati is real

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    You forgot Barbara Striesand.

  • Su
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    9 years ago

    Sometimes a flaming Bush does not lead anywhere.

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